Go underground to build your defenses


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Digfender is an original TD where you dig subterranean tunnels as well as towers that you'll have to defend. Your enemies (as per usual) advance slowly along the path you've carved out to attack.

Gameplay in Digfender is divvied up into 2 distinct sections. On one hand, you choose where to initiate building your settlement, while also digging out the path your enemies are to follow. On the other hand, you're set to be the one to build up tower defense mechanisms throughout your cave to thwart your opponents' combat.

As per usual, in Digfender you'll need to amp up your towers in order to level up, but once you do, your towers become increasingly immune to enemy attack. Unlocking and picking up new types of towers to build, you can place them strategically as each type fares better under a specific type of attack. Throughout its over 70 levels of action (in campaign-mode) you'll find there's a lot of additional content to unlock.

Digfender is a unique tower defense game that incorporates several new elements into this genre with nice graphics.
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Android 4.1 or higher required